ALU spacer 30mm
Product no.: 34358S22H
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typically 3-4 weeks

packaging unit: pair (=2 pieces)
LK 110/5 NLB 65,1 - 66,6
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173,50 GBP
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Opel Vectra B
copyright: Rudolf Stricker License

model: J96
year built: 1995-2002
bolt circle:
center hole:
2% limit:
release SCC:
special acceptance:
FA: 110/5
FA: 65,1
FA: M12x1,5
FA: 24
FA: 24
FA: 13
BA: 110/5
BA: 65,1
BA: 24
BA: 24
BA: 5

steel rim:
tightening torque:
alu rim:
tightening torque:
FA: M1215KE227
FA: M1215KE227
FA: 110
BA: M1215KE227
BA: M1215KE227
BA: 110

adaption wheel spacer system 4H (helicoil)

Hub hole and pitch diameter adaption with double centering and helicoil inserts
In this case the number of holes has to stay the same (e.g. 100/4 to 108/4 or 100/5 to 112/5)! Theadditional for the double screw joint needed wheel mounting elements are included in delivery, the original wheel bolts can still be used. All of our wheel spacers are made of a high-tensile aluminium-magnesium-alloy. Helicoil thread inserts have been pressed in for the use under extreme stress.
- all values in mm are per wheel hub
- prices shown are for 1pr (1 axle)