ALU spacer 40mm
Product no.: 24306M12S
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delivery time
typically 3-4 weeks

packaging unit: pair (=2 pieces)
Lk 100/4-56,6*130/5-71,5
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192,58 GBP
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Opel Astra G
copyright: SCC Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH

model: T98
year built: 1998-2005
bolt circle:
center hole:
2% limit:
release SCC:
special acceptance:
FA: 100/4
FA: 56,6
FA: M12x1,5
FA: 31
FA: 24
FA: -5
BA: 100/4
BA: 56,6
BA: 31
BA: 24
BA: -5

steel rim:
tightening torque:
alu rim:
tightening torque:
FA: M1215KE227
FA: M1215KE227
FA: 110
BA: M1215KE227
BA: M1215KE227
BA: 110

adaption wheel spacer system 4M

Hub hole, pitch diameter and hole number adaption with double centering
In this case the vehicles pitch diamter has to be between 95,25/4 and 100/4 (e.g. 100/4 to 130/5). The additional for the double screw joint needed wheel mounting elements are included in the delivery. Since the pitch diameter 130/5 generally is drilled in M12x1,5 normally new wheel bolts have to be used for the mounting of the rim. All of our wheel spacers are made of a high-tensile aluminium-magnesium-alloy.
- all values in mm are per wheel hub
- prices shown are for 1pr (1 axle)